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Looking to increase your “earn” and “turn” on your retail clothing line? Well, look to Motivated Print and Design to help create some custom designs for you  that will appeal to your targeted customer group. Distinguish yourself from other stores that market generic merchandise and hope it will appeal to all. Once we understand your business and who your customer is, we will design apparel that appeals to your audience.

Motivated Print provides you choices, too. Need a tee shirt that you can sell for $10. We can provide that. Need a tee shirt that is more stylish that you can market for $20. We offer that, too. Or a polo at three different price points? We’ve got it!….We offer choices in price points and choices in brands all designed to increase your margin and your turnover. We know retail!

Boutiques are no exception. Many times you have unique customer sets. We can help you define those customers and provide you with unique designs that appeal to them.  All at a price point that will be appealing, too.

Looking to enhance your brand at the same time provide a souvenir shirt or hat that a customer will find appealing.

Motivated Print can help you create just that. Share with us your theme or vision and we will bring it alive.

We understand the importance of quality and service to the retail market. That’s why we can provide you with quantities ranging from 20 pieces to several thousand. Whatever fits your needs best! And, choices within a category. Good, Better or Best. And, we pride ourselves on consistent service and promise you that you will have your order within 7-10 days from art approval….time after time, after time.

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